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Leading a Cleaner & More Resilient Energy Future With People at the Center

Grid Edge Labs designs tools and leads immersive learning experiences that push for localized clean energy solutions while addressing our present climate challenges. Through serious play, we create engaging ways for young people to discover better practices and new career paths that aim to deliver a sustainable energy future - sooner. 

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Engaging youth on how climate change directly impacts their community increase their awareness and allows them connect their interests with the opportunities available in the new energy economy. 

Work Force 

Our decarbonization goals has the potential to create hundreds of thousands of new jobs for American workers across the solar, wind, and battery storage technologies to achieve our country’s economic and climate goals by 2030.


Living in a Delta Variant world has forced most of society to go remote. The advances of virtual tools have expedited our ability to connect and shift the dynamics of our day-to-day lives in new productive ways. As a phone app, Future Relics is an AR (augmented reality) tool built to engage user preferences and energy literacy. 

Community Microgrids

When harnessing the buying power of ethically conscious energy (prosumers) and consumers, Community Microgrids could represent a new approach for designing and operating the electric grid in smarter ways. 

Lowering the barrier of entry in the new energy economy

Grid Edge Labs puts people at the center of technologies, solutions and business models that'll empower communities to advance the transition toward a decentralized, distributed and transactive electric grid.


Community Microgrids

Grid Edge Labs was incubated in New York City when task to organize an energy commmunity for Brooklyn Microgrid (BMG).


BMG was a project that integrated emergent technologies and solutions such as blockchain and applied them to energy and community solar initiatives.


One of the driving forces behind BMG was always to give people control over the type of energy they want to support. For an energy revolution to take place, people need tools but those tools need to be introduce at the right times. 

Grid Edge Labs tested a series of community building strategies and learned that people must want to revolutionize a community's energy future before breakthrough tools can be fully valued. 

Stories, as the foundational building blocks of culture, are innately powerful.

Do Tanks strive to build collaborative spaces that push at the edges of the impossible.

A learning experience where participate engage in collaborative discussions, share their environmental event experiences and explore emergent technologies around energy.

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Each One
Teach One

The goals of the Do Tank workshops are to gather a diversity of participants in an effort to mix thinking and doing — to move beyond talk and attempt to drive action. 

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