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Estelita’s Library is a non-profit organization located in Seattle's Central District. It sells and lends books to the community. The books you'll find at Estelita's focus on social justice, ethnic studies, and liberation movements. Estelitas is a community hub where everyone is welcome to learn and participate in ways that strengthen and develop a collective analysis for justice. 

Paving the way for energy justice & community-owned renewable assets are at the heart of Estelita's Energy Project. The library is a trailblazer in the energy space as it looks to offer an ultra-rare NFT collection called Solar Shields, as the way to source the finance to construct a 24/7 co-working deck space underneath a solar-powered canopy. ​


The project aims to serve as a clean energy node for a future when community microgrids can share locally-made clean energy with neighbors, in addition to proving a space (virtually and in real life) for a collective to ideate on the next great holistic new ways, people can strengthen their communities. 

Grid Edge Lab's plan is to set in motion a grassroots model that could be replicable throughout low-to-middle incomes across the country. The development of hyper-localized energy projects begins with finding ways to allow all people to participate in ways that benefit them and their community directly. 


Join our First Movers list to learn more about when Estillta's Energy project drops its carbon negative NFT collection in Spring 2022. 


Estelita's Energy Project - First Movers NFT List

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