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The Future Relics' app is coupled with an interative workshops called #DoTank. They're learning events for people to engage in a collaborative discussion, cross-pollinate ideas, and explore emergent technologies that would engage and empower people to make actionable choices for sustainability and our climate challenges. There are several unique lessons offered, the workshops get down to how energy works and encourage participants to interact with one another in productive ways to get to the heart of what their community needs in order to thrive.

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Guillaume de Jenlis

“Do Tanks are a professional and fun way to kick off a discussion on how to tackle climate change.


The workshop was a great way to engage our group using a series of questions to understand the challenges and opportunities."



​Josh Yu

"I love the format of the workshop. We come away with a sense of community and a set of steps that we can implement in organizing renewable energy programs in our own neighborhoods."

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Bob Sauchell  

“I felt I wasn’t alone. There were other people there who cared about new ways to deal with global warming, new ways of buying energy and being responsible. It was great being in the company of these people”

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