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workshop themes

Lesson plans are coupled with the Future Relics app and interactive workshops. The workshops can be conducted in real life or in an online virtual setting. 

Let's Build a Microgrid (General Communities) 

Participants gather to tackle pressing, energy-related challenges within their community, and work together to discover solutions. This syllabus is geared towards harnessing the power of community to unlock its collective potential.


 Climate Change Career Paths (High School & College) 

Young people don’t have to be environmental scientists to help fight climate change. Employment in the renewables sector in the US has increased by 300% in the past four years. This syllabus is meant to increase awareness on the alternative new career paths from STEM to work force opportunities,  that are delivering the energy future we're striving for. 

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The Built Environment (Professionals & Business Owners) 

Tomorrow’s cities will consist of “living buildings” inside vibrant, resilient neighborhoods all connected by super-efficient transportation links. Today’s reality is that economic policy promotes environmental decay. Deep green buildings are a necessary component of resilient cities, and resilient cities are a strategic necessity if the current generation is to pass on a diverse, habitable planet to the next. This unique syllabus opens minds to professionals and business owners and how having a awarness of our built environment could give them a new edge in customer engagement and retainment. 

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