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A tool for people to pioneer the future of energy.
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Future Relics is gamifying the Clean Energy BOOM to Hit our Climate Goals 

Grid Edge Labs wants to expedite the proliferation of renewable assets on the grid edge, the right way. Future Relics is an app that features the kind of innovations, solutions, and business models that empower people to participate in advancing the transition toward a decentralized, distributed, and transactive electric grid for their communities.

Gamify how we learn about energy

Inspire and empower the next generation of sustainability leaders.

-Gamify how we learn about energy and sustainability

-Discover career paths in energy tech and policy

-Advocate for local, national, and global sustainable decisions

Community driven energy choices 

Create engagement, resonance, and commitments for smart grid communities. 


-Understand community owned assets

-Participate in a prosumer economy

-Engage locally and through a energy democracy platform

Job Creation 

Empower and Train Asset Stakeholders to Understand and Act on Energy Systems. 


-Gain technical skills in grid operability, resilience, 

-Grasp end-to-end concepts in energy production, transmission, distribution, and consumption. 

-Load customized modules for specific location and skill sets.

Deep-dive in how we've gamified the virtual grid


Combating Climate Change Begins with Education

Edutainment. Future Relics has been inspiring youth by helping them write their future in an energy equitable, renewable and empowering way. Future Relics works with educational institutions to create content and workshops that speak to young people at the crossroads of technology and sustainable opportunity. Our Future Relics team can help you meld augmented reality coupled with personal connections for deeply routing educational experience that is transformational for your youth programs. 

Future Relics offers: High School & College level 

  • Augment STEM education for your programs

  • Connect your school and students with industry professionals for targeted application based learning

  • Gamify how we learn about energy, resilience, sustainability, and social energy equity


Commercial Training
And Experience

Workforce Engagement. Future Relics has been advocating and inspiring changes for grid equity, resilience, sustainability, and advancements for years.  Commercially partnering with Grid Edge Labs to build Future Relics AR/VR applications will help you train, inspire, and empower the people and connections in your organization to see the bigger picture as well as address rapid, specific, and technical training needs. The future of training and business development is going going personal and virtual. Grid Edge Labs masters both of these realms. Partner with Grid Edge Labs to deliver on your companies training or remote experiential needs.

Future Relics' module features:

  • Gain technical skills in grid operability, resilience. 

  • Grasp end-to-end concepts in energy production, transmission, distribution, and consumption. 

  • Load customized modules for specific location and skill sets.

  • Enable subversive experiences for commercial demonstrations, product placements, and remote virtual exploration

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Locally Made Energy =
More Local Energy Jobs

CCAs that use local energy resources will do more to support local job creation and economic stimulation.  Empower Actions. Future Relics has been equipping CCA organizations with community involvement frameworks for years. CCA leaders need an supportive ecosystems for community transformation and the Future Relics program is fully capable of partnering for a successful, transformative call to educate and action to community members. 

 Future Relics modules for CCA:

  • Maximize time-of-use rates

  • Partake in load flexibility and demand response

  • Start the road on electrification

  • Facilitate targeted deployment of DER assets

  • Ret ready for EVs and charging networks

  • Achieve rapid adoption of your CCA objectives in your community

2030 Renewable Energy Goals by States
















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